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Laurie A. Jarski is a composer, cellist, singer/songwriter, guitarist, multi-string instrumentalist, and owner/director of Broughton Music Center, Northville Center for Music & Art, & WPI Festival On the Land Music Camp for Women & Girls.  Laurie is a professional cellist in the C•O•R•Etet String Quartet, Octocelli Cello Ensemble, Presence of Three Trio, Red Willow Dream, the Battle Creek Symphony, and has served as principal cellist with The National Women’s Music Festival Orchestra under Nan Washburn.  Laurie currently coaches a ‘String Quartet Plus’ program in Northville & Kalamazoo for youth & adult string players, and recently coached at a Sturgis Chamber String Music Retreat this spring.

Laurie is also co producing an original album scheduled to be released in early 2024.  The most recent composition commissions include The Nine Trees of KL Ave, 2021, a work for banjo, minstrel banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, string quartet & percussion, as a part of ‘The Music In Place’ project, the Egyptian Blue Jazz Bowl for Solo Guitar & Untitled Brazilian Mirage for two cellos, minstrel banjo, classical guitar, doumbek & egg shakers was commissioned for the Kalamazoo Institute of Art’s Unveiling American Genius Resonance Music Project, 2020.  

Laurie has composed commissioned works for orchestra, chamber orchestra, choir, and a variety of chamber ensemble pieces, the larger ensemble and orchestral compositions include, ‘God Rest Ye! Orchestral Renderings’; 2015, ’Funky Blues for Cello Quartet’; 2012, ’The Star to Every Wandering Bark’ for Choir, Chamber Orchestra, and Percussion; 2010, Travel Modalities for 16 Celli; 2008, An Amethyst Remembrance for Mezzo Soprano, Chamber Choir and Orchestra; 1995.

In Laurie’s compositions, the interplay of antiphonal, rhythmic, and colorful fabric is woven around lyrical song-like melodies, a natural extension of Laurie’s folk music origin, as singer/ songwriter from age 9 and onward. A natural tendency to have percussive attributes cross over to instruments not usually slated as percussion, is of particular interest, and visa versa. Instrumental role switches, provide some interesting sound textures! In a recent work; Rhythm Cordia for Solo Cello, Laurie further blurs the idiomatic lines between cello and guitar, with a variety of pizzicato techniques, and col legno variations embedded into the piece.

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Services and products range from compositions, arrangements, performance, to private and group coaching.


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