Laurie A. Jarski’s music ranges the gamut from classical, ‘art folk’, cross-cultural influences, to other media influences. Color & rhythm are driving forces at the heart of her music, towards evoking the soul’s expression in its many forms.

Selected List of Works:

Large Ensemble Works

God Rest Ye! Orchestral Renderings for Full Orchestra, 2015

It Is The Star To Every Wandering Bark, for Choir, Chamber Orchestra & Percussion, 2010

Travel Modalities for 16 Celli, 2008

Fanfare For The Ascent of Balloons for Orchestra, 1997

An Amethyst Remembrance for Mezzo Soprano, Chamber Choir and Orchestra, 1995

Chamber Ensemble Works

Untitled (Brazilian Mirage) for Mixed Quartet; 2 Cellos, Minstrel Banjo, Classical Guitar, & Percussion, 2020

Funky Blues for Cello Quartet, 2012

Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Cello, Guitar & Percussion, 1993

Piano Trio in Two Movements for Violin, Cello & Piano, 1992

Solo & Duo Works

Egyptian Blue Jazz Bowl for Solo Guitar (nylon), 2020

Rhythm Cordia for Solo Cello, 2018

Reflections for Cello & Guitar, 2005

Fantasy Sketches for Solo Cello & Voice (One Performer), 1991

Solo for Unaccompanied Cello, 1990

• Memories of Hazelton for Cello and Piano (Dedicated to Winifred Mayes), 1986

Art Folk (Indie Folk with a Classical influence)

Swamp Over Eighth Street for Solo Minstrel Banjo, 2020

The Bellows of My Heart for Voice & Guitar, 2018

Are You Leaving For the Country Revisited for Voice & Guitar, 2018

My Thoughts From the Trail for Voice & Banjo, 2018

My Dreams At Night for Voice & Guitar, 2013

My Calling Soul for Voice & Mandolin, 2013

Summer Reflections for Voice & Guitar, 2012

Take My Hand With The Life You Lead for Voice & Guitar, 2007

Electronic & Electro-Acoustic

Solo Cello & Electronic Music for Lakshmi, (12 minute Documentary), 2020

Ani M Moments an Electro-Acoustic Piece, 2008

Forty-One In One, Multi-Media Piece for Dance, Electronic Music & 4 Projectors, 1993

Blues Trilogy Electronic Music, 1992